Prof. Dr. Jamal Khalil Ibrahim

Dean of Medicine College

  • Name: Dr. Jamal Khalil Ibrahim Mahmoud
  • Academic qualification: Ph.D.
  • Academic title: Professor
  • Place and date of birth: Baghdad 1956
  • Marital status: married
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Specialization: Board of General Surgery
  • Position: Dean of the College of Medicine/Al-Iraqia University
  • Work address: Al-Iraqia University/College of Medicine/Baghdad

Personal Information:

1- Certificate: Bachelor’s degree

Specialization: Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and General Surgery

Date of obtaining the certificate: 1982

2- Certificate: diploma

Specialization: General Surgery

Date of obtaining the certificate: 1996

3- Certificate: Ph.D.

Specialization: Board of General Surgery

Granted By: Iraqi Board of Medical Specializations

Date of obtaining the certificate: 2007

Scientific Qualifications:

1-Teacher in 1/8/1996, College of Medicine, Anbar.

2 – Assistant Professor in 27/7/2001

3 – Consultant General Surgery in 11/11/2010

4 – Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs on February 19, 2012

5- Obtaining Professor Doctor Title in 3/3/2019

6- Dean of Ibn Sina College of Medicine (Al- Iraqia University College of Medicine) 19/6/2013.

Administrative Positions:

  • 1 – A comparative study between the results of ultrasound test with the results of operations related to gallbladder.

    2- Studying the results of cases of colonic fistula.

    3- A comparative study of complications between circumcision and traditional circumcision with a monoelectrode device.

    4- A study of (22) cases of complications of Ramsted operation for the convenience of female decimal blockage of newborns.

    5- Comparative and therapeutic study of ingrown finger with a monoelectrode device.

    6- Recording a case of cancer spreading in the openings for lifting the gallbladder with the endoscope device.

    7- Studying the effect of changes in a breast cancer tumor on its spread to axillary lymph nodes.

    8 – Supervisor and trainer for diploma students in general surgery

    9 – Examiner and participant in most medical colleges in Iraq.

    10 – Participant in conferences, seminars and workshops.

    11 – Results of abscess around anus of newborns in forty cases.

    12 – Lifting the wrong natural appendix for children with abdomen epilepsy.